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Communion Servers and Ushers

No Communion Servers are needed as of yet:


When Ushers are needed: 
Please so contact the church or one of the deacons if you are willing to help


Opportunities To Serve & Participate


We will be streaming BOTH 9:30 and 11:00 worship services on Facebook Live. Please join the Oak Cliff Presbyterian Church Group to access. We will also broadcast on YouTube at   If this link doesn’t work go to YouTube and search “Oak Cliff Presbyterian Church” for our channel. 


Bible Study will continue using Zoom: Zoom Meeting Room 477-051-4363 on Wednesdays at 4:00pm beginning August 11. We will also host a prayer/devotion meeting on Zoom each day at noon.


How to Access Zoom

To access Zoom by phone, go to the Android Store (Android phone) or the Apple Store (iphone).  Find the “search” icon (magnifying glass).  Click on it.  In the box that pops up, type, “Zoom”.  You will see an app that has a blue video camera called “Zoom”.  Download this application to your phone.  Once you have downloaded the app, click on this link:  This should bring you to the meeting room in Zoom where Bible Study and the Devotional/Prayer call are.  Devotion/Prayer is at 12:00 noon Monday-Friday.  Bible Study is at 4:00pm on Wednesday.

Each weekday at noon we have a devotional time of reflection and study. Please join us at zoom room 857 0703 9835.

If you are using a computer to access Zoom, you need to have a camera and a microphone attached or built in to your computer. If you have that equipment, then go to this link:   At the top right of the page, you will see three sets of blue words on white background.  Click on the first set of words—“join a meeting.”  The next screen has a “meeting ID” box.  In that box, type the appropriate number for the day and leader,  and the other participants should become visible.  If you see another box open and it says, “open”, open it and then the video should begin.

When you join the call, everyone will be able to see you, and you will see everyone labeled with how they signed in.  We will keep on trying this until we all get it!  Don’t give up on meeting together, even virtually!



We are a community
of people with uncommon backgrounds on a common journey with Christ & celebrate the beauty of our diversity in refreshing, authentic fellowship.
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